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Time Pieces: Livelihood of Phnom Penh | Painting
29 September to 29 December 2015

“Time Pieces: Livelihood of Phnom Penh,” featuring the unique painting style of Phe Sophon, one of Cambodia’s emerging talented young artists. Phe Sophon is known for his artistic works at several exhibitions locally and internationally in the United States, Japan, France and China.

Phe Sophon’s art draws inspiration from the arc of Phnom Penh’s rapid urbanization, year-on-year.  Phe Sophon’s works study the essence of this life in transition, focusing on the parts of our lives which remain unchanged. In every part, Phnom Penh has tall buildings going up as old buildings disappear. Business centers, malls, hotels, residential buildings, schools, hospitals, futsal pitches, kiosks, shop fronts, and entertainment complexes – weaving a new fabric of sociotechnical life.  With this a mix of new livelihoods and lifestyles have emerged. However, old lifestyles remain. Among the blur of urbanization, Phe Sophon brings focus to the essence of our livelihoods that have changed very little over time.

Phe Sophon paintings describe contemporary street scenes, combining modern artifacts with symbols and iconography from ancient eras.

Phe Sophon

Artist: Phe Sophon

Born in Kampong Thom Province, Cambodia in 1983, PHE Sophon pursued his passion and completed studies in the Fine Arts. Over the past decade, he has displayed his creations at exhibitions in Hong Kong (2006), Phnom Penh (2007), Shanghai (2008), Tokyo and France (2009) and even performed in the United States (2006). He has chosen to focus his creativity on experimental forms of painting, sculpture and installation pieces.