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Phnom Penh: City of Grids | Sculpture | Installation | Mural | Painting | photography
25 November to 25 February 2015

The Asia Foundation Community Art Gallery presents its opening and first exhibition with a group show featuring the works of five Cambodian artists. Phnom Penh: City of Grids running from November 26, 2014 through February 25, 2015. The featured artists live in Phnom Penh and explore their connections to the city through various mediums.


Pich Sopheap

Artist: Pich Sopheap

Pich Sopheap is a Cambodian-American international emerging artist who has exhibited in many cities around the world. Pich works with bamboo and rattan to create his sculptures. He explores the concept of grids, connecting a phoneme of Khmer language with the foundation of infrastructure in Cambodia. His work is ambiguous, in order to allow people the freedom to create their own interpretation.

Kong Vollak

Artist: Kong Vollak

Kong Vollak is a Cambodian emerging artist whose work explores the cityscape and the rapid development of Phnom Penh’s sky-scrape buildings. His mural charcoal drawings are a critique of the lack of urban planning and offer viewers a vision of the city for the future.

Meas Sokhorn

Artist: Meas Sokhorn

Meas Sokhorn is a Cambodian emerging artist who comes from a design background. Meas utilizes recycled materials to create his sculpture installations. Meas’ critique of the city invites one to consider the consequences of Phnom Penh’s lack of environmental protection, traffic laws, and urban planning.


Neak Sophal

Artist: Neak Sophal

Neak Sophal has emerged as one of Cambodia’s most talented and prolific photographers. She makes portraits of economically disadvantaged people who are the backbone of Phnom Penh’s labor force. Her photographic series, “Behind,” displays these people facing Phnom Penh city walls as backdrops of the rapid urban development.

Chheng Kimhong

Artist: Chheng Kimhong

Chheng Kimhong just graduated from university and is a serious artist. He is active in photography, printmaking, and painting. His paintings explore the environmental impact of global warming on rural and urban communities in Cambodia.